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We are ready to welcome you on Lake Plastira, the jewel of Greece
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Information about Neohori and Lake Plastira in Karditsa...

The famed Lake Plastira (limni plastira) region, the lake for all seasons, is situated in the Prefecture of Karditsa. The lake is named after Nikolaos Plastiras, a former Prime Minister of Greece, and lies some 30 km west of Karditsa town. To be precise the lake is actually artificial, a reservoir created after the building of an immense arch-shaped dam which stands some 83 m high and measures some 200 m in length.

Lake Plastira - Limni Plastira is situated in the Agrafa Mountains and is a jewel in the crown, not only of the Prefecture of Karditsa, but also all of Greece. All villages surrounding the lake, such as Mesenikolas, Morfovouni, Kerasia, Kalyvia Pezoula, Neraida, Belokomitis, Kastania, Lambero, and many others, are truly charming.
And it is in one of these, Neohori - which covers a wide area and has the best vistas over the lake- that one can find the PANDION BOUTIQUE HOTEL & SUITES.

Lush vegetation comprised of oak, plane and chestnut trees, combined with abundant running water, surround this fairytale-like lake which is ideal for romantic holidays, action holidays with friends or for simply getting away from it all. Lake Plastira - Limni Plastira is beautiful all year round and is the ideal choice for nature lovers, people in search of alternative tourism, athletes, ramblers, etc. due to the numerous, diverse activities available such as horse riding, mounting biking, rambling, rafting, etc. which are referred to in more detail below. The area was also the official cycling training centre for the 2004 Olympic Games.

Numerous cultural events and activities are also organised by many villages in the Agrafa Mountains over the course of the year, each of which has its own charm. Some examples are:
  1. The Lake Plastira Festival organised by the Municipality of Itamos during August.
  2. The Wine Festival in Mesenikolas from 10 to 15 August.
  3. The Plastiria Festival in Morfovouni from 1 to 15 August.
  4. The traditional Agrafa Mountains celebration at Morfovouni on Carnival Saturday.
  5. Cultural Events in Kerasia from 20 to 24 August.
Lake Plastira is also ideal for religious tourism since there are numerous churches and monasteries in the region such as The Zoodochou Pigis (Life-Giving Spring) Chapel dating from 1647 in the village of Mesenikolas, the Kimiseos Theotokou (Dormition of the Virgin) Monastery dating from 1770 at the crossroads on the road to Kerasia, the Church of Ag. Panteleimonas in Pezoula, the Monastery of Ag. Triada in Fylakti, the Church of Ag. Nikoloas in Neohori, the Panagia Pelekiti Monastery in Karitsa, the Korona Monastery in Kastania, and numerous others besides.

Sights worth visiting:
Botanic Gardens:
Purchase aromatic and medicinal plants, learn about the flora species that grow in the area and enjoy a coffee.
Pezoula & Lambero beaches:
Fish, swim, go canoeing or for a ride by pedalo or simply take in the panoramic view of the lake and the Agrafa Mountains.
Aspropotamos Gorge
Keredan Gorge
The Dam:
An arched dam built of concrete, 200 m long and 83 m high.
Archaeological findings, particularly those in the Municipality of Mitropolis and at Kallithiro which attest to life here from the 14th century.

Activities available in the wider area:
Mountain biking:
Enjoy the countless routes available along the shores of the lake or higher up on the verdant mountain slopes. All the necessary equipment can be hired locally and there are also experienced guides available who can take you on tours.
Pedalos, Canoeing, Boats:
For hire at Pezoula Beach.
Only for the daring among you... Enjoy the charming landscape of the lake from on high with the 'Adventure Club' at Palama (Prefecture of Karditsa).
There is a shooting range in the Agrafa Mountain village of Neraida.
Enjoy unique walks alone or with a mountain guide. Ramble along the Ecological Trails.
Canoeing - Kayaking
Amazing trails are available for 4x4 jeeps (available for hire at the hotel) along the lakeside or in the dense Elati Forest.
Horse riding:
A horse riding centre is located in the road from Morfovouni to Kryoneri.

·· See more related information at the website of "Center of information & organization of activities":

Road Distances and Travel Time:
The distance from Athens to Karditsa is 300 km and travel time by road is around 4 hours.
The distance from Thessaloniki to Karditsa is 200 km and travel time by road is around 2.5 hours.

From Karditsa travel on to Lake Plastira (limni plastira) either via Mitropoli or via Kallithiro and Kastania.

We await your arrival...

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